Welcome to Steve Chapman’s All American Mini Storage, Inc. We are a self storage facility that offers climate controlled storage and secured RV, trailer & boat parking. Our units have 8 ft. ceilings with 7 ft. roll up doors. We offer 10×10 thru 15×40 size units with drive up access to your unit. We are located on the beach with close and easy access to a boat ramp. We provide security gate access via keypad entry. All of the units have recently been renovated with fresh paint and new drywall. View our available units below and give us a call to rent your unit or space.

Available Units

Below is a diagram of our facility and available units.
Price shown includes tax and there are no other HIDDEN FEES!
Click on an available unit below to send a request to book.

East Storage Units A (Climate Controlled)

A11 (10×20)

A10 (10×20)

A9 (10×20)

A8 (10×20)

A12 (10×20)

A13 (10×30)

A14 (10×30)

A7 (10×10)

A6 (10×10)

A5 (10×10)

A4 (10×10)

A15 (10×20)

A16 (7×20)

A17 (7×20)

A3 (10×20)

A2 (10×20)

A1 (10×20)

Storage Container (8×40)

West Storage Units B (Not Climate Controlled)

B5 (40×15)

B4 (14×15)

B3 (14×15)

B2 (14×15)

B1 (7×15)

East Parking Spaces (12×50)
  • #8
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

  • #7
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

  • #6
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

  • #5
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

  • #4
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

  • #3
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

  • #2
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

  • #1
  • 12×50OCCUPIED

West Parking Spaces (12×24)
  • #16
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

  • #15
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

  • #14
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

  • #13
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

  • #12
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

  • #11
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

  • #10
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

  • #9
  • 12×24OCCUPIED

Locate Us

You can locate us by clicking on the below link

Storage Tips

Below are some helpful tips to organize and protect your items when considering a storage unit. Check back often for new tips and information.

Tips for Storage Unit Organization

Here are our top tips to stay organized:
Sort by category.
Pack boxes strategically.
Clearly label each box.
Take inventory.
Place important items in an accessible spot.
Create a pathway to walk within your unit.

Tips to Protect Your Items

These tips can help protect your belongings:
Wipe away food particles that attract pests.
Securely close each box.
Remove batteries from electronics.
Wrap fragile items to avoid cracks and chips.
Leave appliance doors slightly open.
Wipe away any moisture.
Choose a self-storage provider with security.
Analyze if any items require climate control storage.

Tips to Get the Most for your Money

Below are a few ways you get the most for your money:
Use vertical space.
Disassemble large furniture to max the cube.
Choose the correct unit size.
Pack smaller boxes in uniform sized boxes.
Build a relationship with your self-storage provider

Our Reviews

See what satisfied customers have to say about All American Air Mini Storage facility.

“Such an easy place here on the island to keep our things.
Units are clean and the property is very safe. Love it!”

Cory F. – St. Augustine


“We have used AAA mini storage for over 6 years now for storage and parking boats and work vehicles.
Love the new improvements and its so nice to have vehicles on all that rock. High and Dry!
The management makes it easy to pay and it’s been great!”

Nathan F. – St. Augustine


“Great convenience living at the beach to have a place to park your boat or trailer!”

Cheryl P. – St. Augustine

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